Thursday, April 30, 2009

Breakers, Monasticism, and a Coming Book Review.

This would have been a good week to be on vacation. My car refuses to drive off of our hill without stopping past the house next door...where my new grand daughter lives. (Yeah, there are a couple of other people there.)

My ministry has allowed me to care for many people,and study some interesting texts. I've looked in on the website for Formation House, and remembered a dream I've put on hold. I think I'll buy the book by one of the founders: Flirting with Monasticism. There is a part of me that is deeply drawn to the ancient rhythms of communal prayer and work.

I've been sent a book to review here: The Echo Within, by Robert Benson. Robert is one of my favorite writers, and I can't wait to get you this review. I can let you know this much: After the first fifty pages, I'm blown away. This is vintage Benson, but even more nurturing. Love it!

I've been able to take some late nights and early mornings and enter another chapter of Breakers. I look forward to sharing it with you very soon.

Peace to you. Thanks for your comments, shouts, check marks and for following along.


Formation House said...

thank you for the mention of formation house, prayers that the book blesses you - Karen

david said...

Wow, thanks Karen. E-mailed with Sarah Notten today--said she knew you. I'm looking forward to learning more and watching the progress at Formation House.

Zee said...

interesting - that Pray - Work - Repeat thing. although usually i don't get monks (i.e. don't understand them), this actually makes sense. kudos to Formation House just for that (and not only for that)

@Karen - stumbled upon your posts re: potty papers and dental floss. great message in both of them - and thanks for using things that no one really talks about usually - that is really cool.