Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Baby in Our Hearts

Finally today, I had to step away. There's a garden just outside of the hospital where my baby's baby is. I walked to the end of its labyrinth path and found a bench in the to a gushing fountain spilling on stones. A flowering tree was just upwind, and it's fragrance, and the water sounds and the sun held me--as if I were the newborn.

Holding Elayna in our arms today we all searched for words to say. "Perfect," "beautiful," "treasure," were a few of the choices. But really there were no words. In our pictures none of us are speaking. We are embracing her in our arms--yet holding her closer than our embrace can accomplish. Ah, we hold her in our hearts.

God who speaks his love to us seems to have given-up on words long ago...Love embraces us, achingly pouring wonder into our souls. Singing birds, a smiling child, a splashing fountain, the warm sun, a dancing breeze or a fragrant blossom. You are loved, and there are simply no words!

Grace and peace to you.


sdecrast said...

Thank you for sharing your heart with us. What a wonderful new path in life's journey! Embrace it! God is so good! You are loved!

Anonymous said...


So happy for you and all who are touched by and will be touching this precious new life. Isn't God good. I really enjoy your writing.

Zee said...

mentioned it on FB and in e-mail, but it's still WWWWWONDERFUL! so happy for the Hayes / Stanley family!