Friday, June 5, 2009

Breakers Chapter EIGHT is on the way

In fact, I have finished writing chapter eight, and am letting it sit for a day, then doing a quick edit. I hope to get it online by tomorrow morning. If not, I may not see time to even sit at my computer until sometime next week.

I look forward to launching into this portion of the book. In chapters eight and nine, I introduce you to Kenna's world in greater depth. We also get to sense just why Cam struggles with the whole "different world" thing.

Chapter nine is also on the way. At this point, I'm pretty much just entering the book as it was written several years ago, with some updates. I write a little differently than I did then, but the things I was passionate about at that time, seem to continue to bubble to the top of my thinking.

Hey, it was exciting to have Robert Benson comment on my post regarding his book, The Echo Within. Once again, if you can get hold of this book, you will enjoy it.


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