Tuesday, June 9, 2009

BREAKERS: First 8 Chapters! And THE RUNAWAY PASTOR Feedback Needed.

Hey, thanks for your interest and for asking for a copy of the first 8 chapters all in one document. BREAKERS is giving us an opportunity to explore on one level the idea of a Christian dating a non-Christian. More importantly, we explore some commonly accepted assumptions regarding how we define "Christian."

So welcome. Click here to read the first eight chapters of BREAKERS! And as always, please give me some feedback on the check boxes below, or via the comment option, or email me at samshill@sbcglobal.net.

IMPORTANT!! Also, I had a nice call from my agent yesterday. Once again, a couple of publishing houses have shown interest in The Runaway Pastor manuscript. I'll keep you posted on any progress, if it comes. If you have read the posted chapters of The Runaway Pastor, then I have a request to make. I need to compile a list of comments for my agent to use. Would you send me a short paragraph on facebook, or comment here or email me at samshill@sbcglobal.net? I would appreciate it.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.



Roseyscrapper said...

My husband and I both read it and he, who rarely reads fiction, was totally drawn in by the story and characters and couldn't put it down. We both loved it.

Zee said...

great news, Dave!! it feels like i'm watching a child grow, watching the Runaway Pastor (as well as Breakers) developing... :-)

as for the comments, i'll let others comment :-D