Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BREAKERS breakthrough

Wow, it has been a long dry spell for writing on BREAKERS. However, yesterday I sensed I was somewhat "caught-up" on my real work (yeah, right). And I sat down and began to write. Soon a chapter-length chunk of writing was written.

Today I need to work on adding a few things, and doing some first run editing. And later today, I'll hope to post chapter seven of BREAKERS here.

As some of you know, I began putting this book up here because I had written it years ago and thought it would be easy just to plug-in a chapter each week. Well, the book is changing, and yesterday's chapter is a completely new addition. So, what I'm telling you is that I'm not data entry-ing an old book, I'm writing a new one. Thanks for your patience as I move forward with this project. And as always, I want and need your honest feedback.

See you later today--I hope.

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Zee said...

bring it on! :))))))