Monday, June 15, 2009


Good news for me!

Do you remember me saying that I'd written the beginning to BREAKERS years ago, printed out some along the way, then my hard drive crashed. I lost the last parts I'd written, but I had a printed copy of most.

So what I've been doing with BREAKERS is basically inputting the old stuff when I get a chance, and editing/adding along the way.

Well, last week a friend offered to type in all of the old stuff, so I could have it in electronic form on my computer. I kind of laughed inside, because what I have typed out is in rough shape. I've edited with a pen (or now faded pencil) in margins, or in between single spaced lines; and there are arrows snaking their way from one page to another. I couldn't imagine anyone (besides perhaps my wife who typed my thesis in days before word processing) being able to face the chore. But yesterday, that brave woman saw the mess, took ownership of it, and is doing this task! I'm amazed.

I guess this means getting more of BREAKERS out there will be easier for me. I'll have fewer excuses--at least until I run out of what I've written. Anyway, I wanted to let you know there was some progress happening.



Zee said...

Awesome. Looking forward to reading more of Kenna and Cam's adventures :)

Jamie H Davis said...