Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BREAKERS: Chapter Seven

Well, here it is...click here for chapter seven of my new novel BREAKERS.

Feedback please...


Zee said...


how on EARTH and under Heaven have you come up with that nickname of Kenna's? that's hilarious... i get an image of a cute bunny with humongous fluffy pink ears in my mind's eye when i think of that nickname... hehe...

funny to read about the relationship of Kenna and Cam these days (i.e. possibility vs. impossibility of it, and all the stuff entailing it)... these days when i find myself facing the same questions - only the roles are reversed - i'm Christian, he's not... (yet, anyway)... *sigh*

and it's a great ending to the chapter... leaves me wanting more (well... i always want more, but that's beside the point:D)

david said...

Well Zenitchka, you asked how I came up with Kenna's nickname. Don't know. She was "Bunkie" in that chapter before she was Kenna. I mean, I didn't know that Bunkie would be Kenna until shortly after Cam walked out and saw her. (Probably about the time she arrived and Paul saw her, I saw her in my imagination.)

When I tell you that my stories come to me as I write, I really do mean it. :)

I read through chapter 8 today, now I just have to enter it here and another one will be in the book(s)! It's a fun chapter.

Sounds like you're having some issues in your dating life...?

Glad you liked the ending. I didn't think it was as grabby as the others, but don't want to risk melodrama.

Zee said...

haha. yeah, for once there seems to be a sunrise in dating life.. we'll see how it goes. right now it's confusing:D