Thursday, June 25, 2009


Thanks for your interest in BREAKERS. I enjoyed getting back to it, and mixing some old writing that used to be in the first couple of chapters (in my original beginning several years ago), with some new stuff.

The skaters/surfers are completely new additions in this edition, and I kind of like them. I think they give us a new way to look at Cam. I really don't know how involved they will be in the ongoing of the book, but since their personalities are in my brain now, they could show up at any time.

I've also redone the scene here with the jeweler and his wife. This used to take place at the time when Kenna first took the ring to Mr. Schultz...making Cam and Kenna's first date at Breakers--the ocean side restaurant--a much different kind of thing. Again, I like seeing the changes and the developments as they are happening.

One more time. As the few of you who know me understand, I have a more than full-time job, and so opportunities to work on this project are rare. Usually they happen late at night when I am really tired; thus I am forced to make many editions and changes the next day or week or whenever another crack of time appears. Thanks for your patience and thanks for your continued interest and kind words. They encourage me.

Well, here is BREAKERS Chapter Nine. Enjoy, tell a friend about BREAKERS if you are enjoying it, and as always please give me your feedback. You can help decide the direction of this book, because I don't know what the ending will look like. However, I do have a master plan idea for an interface between the world of BREAKERS and that of The Runaway Pastor in a future book! (You read it here first.)

Oh, you haven't read chapters 1-8 of BREAKERS? Here they are!


Anonymous said...

um. nice place to stop.... dude

Jamie H Davis said...

Okay, now. The story is getting scary. Jon is scary. And you keep leaving us hanging at the end of the chapters! Please, please send Chapter 10 soon! :)


Zee said...

agree with Jamie wholeheartedly! (i think i spelled that right:) )))

Jamie H Davis said...

We need another chapter or two, Dave! I'm dying to know what happens next! :)


david said...

sorry for the delay on ch 10. I haven't had much extra time, and I'm at a place where I think I need to read what I've already know, make sure the story fits. I'm also thinking of some things that need to be added in the earlier chapters. so, sorry, but i hope to get to it before too long.

it's good that you are interested. thanks for that.

Jamie H Davis said...

Oh, no problem! Just wanted you to know that we are out here, anxiously waiting for MORE! :)